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wWw invade ARA [Fri, 20 Jun 2003 | 5:54 PM]
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Keirra writes: The rumors are true the washer Well wenches will be at Osceola IA,
A Renaissance Affair, June 21 -22. (Comments?)

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Portrait of Keirra"Keirra Mayholme, sirs..."

Keirra was a whelp found at the gate of the manor in the border lands between Scotland and England. The head Mistress of the manor took her in and worked her in the kitchens from a young age. It was here she was named. It was constantly, "Carry this," and "Carry that," so the kitchen women started calling her Keirra.

As she grew, Keirra found that she had the ability to mimic the way people talk. She can change the way she sounds to match whoever she is around. This little talent kept her housed, clothed and fed! Being on the border of two countries, the Manor was constantly changing Lords—sometimes an Englishman, sometimes a Scotsman. She discovered that by changing the way she spoke, the lords would just assume that she belonged, and did not see her as an enemy. So, she got to stay in the Manor, learning several skills, until she earned the "respectable" position of Washer Well Wench.

One Lord discovered that she was not one of his servants from his home, but that she was a servant of the Manor. When he found she did not have a last name, he asked what her most beloved thing was. "My home," was her answer, so she was given the last name of Mayholme.

As a washer wench, she can be bribed to keep the secrets that the stains she removes tell. When you are on her good side, your clothing looks wonderful and there is not a drop of scandal! But if you get on her bad side, not only will your clothes look bad, but everyone will know your dirt!

A washer wench NEVER lies, we just leave out some details.

Currently, her lord is called Sean, and he is a very handsome and virile Scot. He doesn't say much, but that's OK, as Keirra talks enough for the entire Manor. They don't foresee the Manor being taken over or raided anytime soon, as right now we are raising a baby that is half fairy princess! As long as she is safe, the manor is safe and we want for nothing.

The International Wenches Guild Keirra is also a member of the International Wenches Guild as Wench #1476!

If you would like to, please introduce yourself to Keirra by e-mailing her!

(In sooth, Keirra is known as Jennifer, mommy to a gorgeous daughter and wife to a handsome, if rather quiet, man. Jennifer is our idea gal and spends lots of time perfecting her skill of typing and talking on the phone at the same time.)

See Also: Keirra, Sheila, Willa, John-Paul, or Moe.

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