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Mistress Sheila's Bio

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Muskogee [Wed, 30 Apr 2003 | 2:00 PM]
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Sheila writes: I will be at Muskogee over the next three weekends. I will be working with Famous Amos Foods. Stop by and say hi!! (Comments?)

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Portrait of Sheila"The goat herder's daughter..."

As most of you know, Mistress Sheila is the goat herder's daughter who comes from a very small village, and in that village women are very sparse. The men have become accustomed to their goats over the years. So if you are a woman in search of a mate, you have to make yourself resemble a goat as much as possible, which explains the ever-present horns on her head.

Sheila is now breaking free of these strange ways after being taken under the wing of Mistress Willa, the head Washer Well Wench and becoming quite the washer wench herself, but the horns will always be a part of her everyday wear. Poor Sheila is always on the look out for her one true love (AKA Mr. Right), but is more than willing to play with all the Mr. Right Nows that she meets along the way.

In furthering her washer well wench abilities, Sheila has learned the art of listening...and she listens well! If you ever have a problem, she's more than willing to lend you a shoulder to cry on...just don't be surprised when the rest of the village knows all about your woes later!

Sheila is also quite known for her posing abilities. The other wenches have come to believe that she enjoys having her soul captured by those obscure little boxes that have tiny men in them painting our portraits so rapidly (know, if memory serves, as cameras?). So whenever you see Sheila, know that there will be a pose happening shortly thereafter!

Oh, and make sure, when next you meet Sheila, to ask her why we all call her Pez...

The International Wenches Guild Sheila is also a member of the International Wenches Guild as Wench #1452!

If you would like, please e-mail Sheila and introduce yourself!

(In sooth, Sheila is known as Marci, a proud homeowner raising a cat who is a handful (just like her mom!). She keeps busy with faires, work and other assorted hobbies (she's an active member of the Heartland Wenches, Local 29, a division of the International Wenches Guild). She's always on the run so catch her if you can!)

See Also: Keirra, Sheila, Willa, John-Paul, or Moe.

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