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Geneseo Jamboree [Mon, 30 Sep 2002 | 6:57 PM]
Willa icon
Willa writes: Okay, so it wasn't really a jamboree, but it started with the same sound as Geneseo and I'm a fan of alliteration.

Geneseo was FANTASTIC! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! JP and I were on the earlyearlyearlyearly morning news on Friday morning with GenJen, managing to look jovial and faire-ish at 5:30 in the pre-dawn hours. And we had an absolute blast at the festival itself. Then we had (in my opinion) THE most fun at an after hours event EVER. Happy Joe's and the bowling alley! What more could you want? We took over the Bee Game and bowled in black light! Woo!

Special thanks to Amos's Sweetcorn (soon to be renamed something utterly ridiculous and truly memorable) for taking such good care of us. I'll think of you all everytime I munch on a thigh or breast.

What??? They gave us tons of cornish game hens at the end of the day on Sunday! Sheesh, people. Let's climb out of that gutter, shall we?

See you all at Nishna!

Oh, and let me just add in a very quick note to mention that today really is the third anniversary of JP and I being together. And I wanted to tell him that I love him a lot and I look forward to many more anniversaries to come.

Remember. Three years is NOT poultry. (Comments?)

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Portrait of Willa"Yes, they are real..."

Mistress Willa, also known as Wilhelmina Wendeline Wylie the Washer Well Wench (we had to shorten that to Willa so that people would quit stuttering around her), is the head wench of the Washer Well Wenches. Her father owned a pub called The Spider's Web Tavern, where she began her life as a working woman. However, she became rather popular with the regulars...in fact, she became known world-wide at the Web!

Her father didn't particularly like that, so he decided to put her in charge of another of his businesses, the washer well, where she learned to hone her abilities to dish dirt. When her father passed away, her mother inherited the tavern and Willa got the well. Not that she's let being a business owner go to her head, but Willa takes her job very seriously. When she's not telling her girls to scrub the stains, Willa can be found reading the romantic poetry and stories of Bill Wigglestaff.

Willa is a tried-and-true washer wench, adoring the attention she gets from knowing all the latest dirt about the locals. She's quite chatty and has been known to be a bawdy lass.

Willa has a penchant for sighing wistfully after the lads in the kilts, and also for just chasing after them if they didn't hear her sighs. She's got quite a mixed heritage with a bit of Scottish, French and English tossed together for spice. Her cockney accent comes from growing up with her Mum in England, whom Willa dearly loves.

Although Willa tends to be a bit on the flirtatious side (good thing this is being typed, so you can't see the way I'm laughing as I type that!), her heart will always belong to John-Paul, the bud stud who wanders the village selling roses to the romantically challenged. Someday, she'll get her wish and he'll only have eyes for her. Until then, she'll enjoy all of the other eyes that seem to be drawn her way!

The International Wenches Guild Willa is also a (relatively) longtime member of the International Wenches Guild as Wench #596!

If you'd like to, please introduce yourself to Willa by sending her an e-mail!

(In sooth, Willa is known as Lindsy, mother of two sons, and devoted real-life girlfriend to the man whose alter-ego is John-Paul. However, she is also a real-life flirt! She is commonly recognized as the webwench over at AtTheFaire.com and is the merchant coordinator for the Wybreg Village Renaissance Festival. She also runs her own business, Willa's Wenches, where she sculpts faire folke. She's been working the Midwestern faire circuit for 7 years now, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight! Is there such a thing as non-faire-related activity?)

See Also: Keirra, Sheila, Willa, John-Paul, or Moe.

"Being the center of attention since 1502."
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