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2002 Tour Schedule

* 2003 schedule to be determined. Keirra is giving birth (again) so we'll see how that goes before planning our new season. Meanwhile, Sheila has made the first partial wWw appearance at a Siouxland Renaissance Association event and we have proof!

Although nothing is set in stone until the laundry line is up, here is a list of places we think you might be able to find the wenches in 2002*. In most cases, the events listed are ones the wenches performed at last year. They might not get invited back this year (or, more likely, their egos will be so swelled they won't accept the gig without their own private dressing room) so don't just show up expecting to see them without first writing a bunch of letters to the festival telling them you are only coming because you just have to see the wenches ;-) (Hey, it couldn't hurt!)

All appearances listed below are tentative and subject to change!
(In some cases, the event listed may not even know we want to perform there yet...)

"pending acceptance" means we have auditioned/applied but have not heard back yet.
"we plan to audition" means we plan to audition.
"Huzzah!" means they have contacted us and told us they will be sending us a contract. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE we will be there.
"contract received" means we've received a contract and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will be there.


Private corporate event (Festivals International).
Downtown - Des Moines, IA
(This was an evening themed party where John-Paul handed out flowers while the wenches mingled and got men in trouble.)


Script writing and promo pictures. (No snow! Go figure...)


More script writing and rehearsals. (Still no snow...)


Dress rehearsals. Most likely without any snow. What a winter!


Huzzah! (contract received): 11-12
Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire
Wentzville, MO
(This will be our first time at this event, which is located just a short drive outside of St. Louis, MO.)

Huzzah! (contract received): 18-19
Salisbury Faire
Waterworks Park - Des Moines, IA
(Friday the 17th is educational day and not open to the public.)
Salisbury Stage: Sat 10am, 1pm, 4pm; Sun 11am, 1:30am, 3:30pm

Huzzah! (contract received): 25-26-27
(Memorial Day Weekend)
Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire
Wentzville, MO
June Huzzah! (contract received): 1-2
My Waterloo Days Renaissance Faire
Cedar River Park - Waterloo, IA
(This is the first year for the festival to be a full weekend! Come out on Saturday and show your approval of the decision to expand.)
Huzzah! (contract received): 8-9
Siouxland Renaissance Festival
Sioux Falls, SD
(This is a new event. The folks organizing this festival seem to really "get it" when it comes to throwing a great event. We have good expectations from them, and are looking forward to performing there.)
PG-13 Stage: Both days at 11am, 12:30pm, 3:15pm
Huzzah! (contract received): 22-23
A Renaissance Affaire
Q-Pond Park - Osceola, IA
(This will be their second year. It's small but fun. This year they will have jousters and, apparently, us!)

We will consider events for this month, especially if they are indoors with air conditioning. Wanna hire us?

13-14: Willa, John-Paul and maybe Sheila will be visiting the Upper Great Lakes Renaissance Faire in Ironwood, Michigan.

Over the next months we also plan to visit Bristol, Shakopee and Kansas City.

Too hot. (And I'm not just talking about Sheila...)


We will consider events for this month also, especially if they are indoors with air conditioning. Wanna hire us?

Still too hot, so we wouldn't mind some indoor gigs.

31 - Labor Day Weekend: Iowa Ren Fest (see September, below.)

September Huzzah! (contract received): 31-1-2 (Labor Day Weekend)
Iowa Renaissance Festival & Harvest Faire
Middle Amana Park - Amana Colonies, IA
(The new location for this event, which moved in 2000, has generated some of the best crowds and tips at any festival we've attended.)
Huzzah! (contract received): 28-29 (two days this year!)
Geneseo Shakespearean Festival
Richmond Hill Park - Geneseo, IL
(This was an excellent one day event last year, and this year they are expanding to a full weekend. Huzzah!)

Huzzah! (contract received): 19-20
Nishna River Renaissance Faire
Hancock Memorial Park - Hancock, IA
(This is a brand new event. Mistress Willa is the merchant coordinator, and John-Paul is the entertainment director. But that had nothing to do with the wWw being hired. Really!)


Too cold. Must eat turkey.


Off for the holidays.

* Schedule subject to change. Please check this site occasionally for the latest updates, or often if you just want to see the same information over and over again.

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